A National Level Painting Competition 2013

Experience-Japan organized a national level painting competition for school students in the month of July, 2013. This competition held for 2 categories. Theme for category I was “Japanese Festival” and 7 years to 10 years old students participated in this category. Themes for category II was “Japan & India’s relationship/Similarities between Japan & India’s culture”.

Following schools participated in this competition:

DPS Moradabad, Mount Litera Zee School-Allahabad, Mount Litera Zee School-Karnal, PIET Sanskriti School-Panipat, Mount Litera Zee School-Patiala, G.D. Goenka International School-Surat (Gujrat), Mount Litera Zee School-Ullao (Bihar), Mount Litera Zee School-Ghaziabad, The Millennium School-Nagpur, Mount Litera Zee School-Unnao, Mount Litera Zee School-Etawah, J.P. Jain Sen. Sec. School-Sonepat, Delhi Public School-Sonepat, Rishikul Vidhyapeeth-Sonepat, Mount Litera Zee School-Meerut, Mount Litera Zee School-Bhatinda, Mount Litera Zee School-Jamshedpur, Mount Litera Zee School-Meyyor, R.N. Podar School-Mumbai, Mount Litera Zee School-Moga (Punjab), Arwachin International School-New Delhi, DPS East Of Kailash, Podar International School-Chakan, Pune (Maharashtra), DPS Hyderabad, Mount Litera Zee School-Manikonda (Hyderabad), Mount Litera Zee School-Panipat, Jindal Mount Litera Zee School-Raigad (Maharashtra), Mount Litera Zee School-Howrah(West Bengal), Mount Litera Zee School-Hayath Nagar (Andhra Pradesh), C.L. Gupta World School-Moradabad), Amity International School-Vasundhra, DPS Mathura Road, Mount Litera Zee School-Trichy, Mount Litera Zee School-Goa, Vedic Era School-Sonepat, DPS Jaipur, Mount Litera Zee School-Jhansi.
In total we received 940 paintings.
Our Jury team selected best 30 paintings from all those 940 paintings to display at various venues in India.

Exhibition 1 at Multi Art Cultural Centre – Kurukshetra

1st exhibition of those best 30 paintings inaugurated at Multi Art Cultural Centre – Kurukshetra on August 18th 2013. This exhibition inaugurated by Mr. Satoshi Hata (General Manager-Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University) in the presence of Mr. R.K. Samadhar (Artist-DPS R.K. Puram), Mr. Vinod Rawal (Secretary- Wisdom World School, Kurukshetra).
All paintings judged by Mr. Vikas Gupta (Art Curator-Multi Art Cultural Centre-Kurukshetra), Ms. Sonia Saini (Artist-Experience-Japan).
After the inauguration of the exhibition, we announced the final result of the competition and distributed prizes to the winners. (FINAL RESULT)
After prize distribution ceremony, Ms. Asuka Aoyama, Ms. Yoojin Lee, Ms. Natsuki Nagata (students from APU) demonstrated the ‘BONODORI’.
This exhibition praised by everyone present there. This exhibition continued there at Kurukshetra till August 23rd, 2013.

Exhibition-2 at PANIPAT, Haryana

We organized another exhibition of Japan On Canvas 2013’s paintings at PIET Sanskriti School-Panipat on August 24th, 2013. More than 100 people visited this exhibition and praised students’ work.
We are thankful to all participant schools and students for their participation and all our supporters for their great support to make this event successful.

Exhibition-3 at Japan Foundation-New Delhi

Experience-Japan organized a painting competition at Japan Foundation-New Delhi to showcase Japanese culture and relationship of Japan & India.

This exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Katsuma Doi (Director General-Japan Foundation). 

Exhibition was continued till 26 Dec. 2013 

All these paintings were the collection of top 30 paintings, which we collected from various schools of India under JAPAN ON CANVAS - Competition